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Andrew Bradshaw

Ph.D., Physics, University of California, Davis, In Progress
M.S., Physics, University of California, Davis, 2011
B.S., Physics, Texas A&M University
, 2009

"NanoJapan was a great program which I feel lucky to have been a part of as an undergraduate. It helped me enormously in understanding how scientific collaborations, especially international ones, work on a day to day basis. I believe it has helped me grow personally and scientifically; the experience of living alone in a foreign country and having a 9-5 job was eye opening and amazing!"

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Nathan Brooks

Ph.D., Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University, In Progress
M.S., Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2011
B.S. Computer Science, University of Tulsa, 2009

"Looking back now, I see that my lab in NanoJapan gave me a realistic taste of graduate school life (the good AND the bad) that many students lack when they apply for graduate school. I know more than a few people that have left their graduate programs because research was not what they expected. Many of these people had performed research during their undergraduate studies as well, which speaks to the accuracy of the NanoJapan experience in particular. Through my hands-on research and conversations with the members of my NanoJapan lab, I knew when I applied to graduate school that I would face many obstacles: - Unpredictable and long hours - No guarantee of (forward) progress as a function of time spent in the lab - That progress often means analyzing your test results and discovering that what you have spent a great deal of time on is not a viable solution. Not to be pessimistic - obviously there were lots of good experiences, or I would not be in graduate school!" ~ Nathan Brooks, October 2012

Awards & Accomplishments: 2009 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

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Matthew Carlson

Current Position: Advanced Nuclear Concepts - Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2012
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2010 with a Certificate in International Engineering

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Kriti Charan

Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering, Cornell University, 2013
B.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mathmatics, Rice University, 2009

Craig Cocoran

Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Texas, Austin, In Progress
B.S., Mechanical Engineering & Cognitive Science, Rice University, 2010

Awards and Accomplishments:
2010 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipient

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Valla Fatemi - NanoJapan 2007

Ph.D., Physics, Masssachusetts Institute of Technology, In Progress
B.S. in Physics, May 2010, Columbia University

Awards & Accomplishments:
2012 NDSEG Fellowship and 2010 MIT iQuISE Fellowship

Austin Head

Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, In Progress
B.S., Biomedical Engineering, University of Houston, 2009

Jeffrey Russom

Current Position: eCommerce Engineer at
M.S., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012
B.S., B.A., Physics and Mathematics, Rice University, 2009

Other Fellowships and Awards: Jeff received a iQuise Quantum Information Fellowship that provided two and a half years of funding to conduct research in quantum computing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of his graduate studies.

Kanes Sutuntivorakoon

M.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rice University, 2012
B.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University, 2009

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Paul Thompson

B.S.N., Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Pittsburgh, In Progress
B.S., Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Rice University, 2009

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Alec Walker - NanoJapan 2007

Current Position: Resivor Engineering, Shell Oil Company
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, B.A., Asian Studies, Rice University, 2009

Other International Experience: In the Spring of 2008 Alec studied abroad at the National University of Singapore as part of the Rice Exchange Program.

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Yiming Wang

Current Position: Vice President for Research and Investment, Champion River International
M.E.E., Master of Electrical Engineering, Rice University, 2010
B.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rice University 2009

Other Research Experience: Undergraduate Researcher, Rice Efficient Computing Group, "Wireless Pointer Design Project", Spring 2008

Ethan (Seungchan) Woo - NanoJapan 2007

Current Position: Assistant Manager at ThinkPrep
B.S., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2009

Other Resaerch Experience: Undergraduate Researcher, Nanoelectronics and Device Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh, 2006 - 2008

Gleb Zhelzov

Ph.D, Mathematics, University of Arizona, Expected 2015
B.S., Physics & Math, Texas A&M University, 2009

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