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Support the TeraNano PIRE Center

Thank you for your generous support of the Rice University TeraNano PIRE Center. All donations enable our center to expand our educational and international initiatives and support the cutting-edge nanoscale research conducted by TeraNano researchers.

Donate Online

Click on the link above to access the online donation form. To ensure that your online donation is credited to the TeraNano PIRE Center under 'Desisgnation' please select 'Other' and in the Special Instructions indicate 'TeraNano PIRE: G82330-720000'.

Donate Via Check or Money Order

Click here to access the donation form. Fill out the donor, acknowledgment, address, and gift/pledge sections of the form and print off a copy of the completed form.. Donations made via check or money order should be made payable to 'Rice University'. Mail the completed form and your check/money order to:

TeraNano PIRE Center
Attn: Gaby Solis
6100 Main St, ECE - MS 378
Houston, TX 77005

Phone: +1 (713) 348-6313

Matching Gifts

You can leverage your own giving if your employer offers a gift-matching program, and you will be credited for the total amount. Use our search form to see if your employer matches gifts to higher education.
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