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TeraNano Graduate Program

To support the proposed collaborative research, our graduate education program will include:

TeraNano Graduate Research Fellowships

To facilitate work and collaboration on the TeraNano International Research Teams (IRT), we will partially or fully support graduate students at each of the U.S. collaborating research institutions. These students will work directly under the advisement of a TeraNano researcher collaboratively with IRT team members in the U.S and Japan. Students will be nominated by their research advisor to a TeraNano IRT and will be expected to make at least a two-year commitment to this program, ensuring cohesion and development of strong ties among researchers and strong integration into education programs. The program is open to U.S. citizen or permanent resident students.

If you are a current or prospective student at one of our U.S. collaborating institutions and are interested in becoming a TeraNano PIRE Graduate Fellow we encourage you to contact a TeraNano PIRE Researcher to learn more about the program and any available positions at your institution. NanoJapan Program Alumni are strongly encouraged to consider applying to graduate school at one of our U.S. collaborating institutions and, if accepted, to speak with the applicable PIRE researcher at that institution about TeraNano PIRE Graduate Fellowships.

TeraNano Graduate International Research Experience (IRE)

Each year, up to two TeraNano Graduate Fellows will be selected to participate in a six-to-eight week IRE at one of our collaborating laboratories in Japan - ideally for short-term research internships during the summer months. Participants will also be expected to assist TeraNano researchers in the development of lectures and related materials for the Introduction to ThZ and Nanoscale Science Seminar. Where possible, graduate students will be placed in the same research labs as NanoJapan undergraduate students, enabling them to directly collaborate with and mentor NanoJapan participants.

If you are a current TeraNano Graduate Fellow who is interested in traveling to Japan for research collaborations with our international partners speak to your TeraNano Research Advisor about this. TeraNano Graduate Fellows who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are required to submit an application to the NSF East Asia Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) program prior to applying for a TeraNano IRE. The NSF EAPSI program is a prestigious international fellowship that provides a higher level of funding for your research abroad than what is available through the TeraNano program. If you are not eligible for EAPSI or apply and are not selected you can then submit your research project proposal for TeraNano IRE funding.

Other funding programs that TeraNano PIRE Graduate Fellows may wish to investigate include:

To submit your proposal for a TeraNano IRE complete the form below. Priority consideration will be given to students who submit research proposals by April 15 though proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. Proposals will only be approved provided there is still funding available. In addition to the form you will need to submit the following documents via email to Sarah Phillips at

Funding decisions typically take between 1 - 2 weeks, once all required documentation has been received, and after this Sarah will contact you regarding making travel and living arrangements for Japan. Exact funding levels may vary but typically TeraNano IRE funding will cover the cost of your international airfare, necessary in-country travel expenses in Japan, housing expenses in Japan and a daily meal/transportation per diem based on your location in Japan.

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