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Mitchell Trafford - NanoJapan 2012
University of Tulsa

Major/s:Chemical Engineering and Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2015
NJ Research Lab: Prof. Yukio Kawano, Tokyo Institute of Technology
NJ Research Project: Low-temperature THz Photo-conductivity and Mesoscopic Conductance Fluctuations in Graphene

"Being a past participant of NanoJapan has had a large impact on my career goals and my academic interests. It has also given me valuable experience in working with other cultures and recognizing key differences in how people behave or communicate. I was fascinated with graphene before the program, but now I have an even deeper understanding of the complexity of and potential for this material. The NanoJapan program gave me hands-on experience with nanomaterials like graphene, and this experience will help make me a much more competitive applicant for future programs and graduate schools." ~ Mitchell Trafford

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Why NanoJapan?
I discovered in high school that I had a knack for math and chemistry, and that’s why I’m currently studying chemical engineering. However, I’m also a hands-on person, and I am very interested in technology and discovering how things work. NanoJapan is such an exciting experience because it integrates all of these passions into one program, with the added benefit of an international experience. It gives me the opportunity to apply my knowledge and understanding to contribute to cutting-edge research in an industry that fascinates me.

I am at the beginning of my college education and I am looking for opportunities to learn as much as I can to develop myself as a competent student and researcher. I like the fact that research doesn’t have a “back of the book” answer- it forces me to synthesize everything I know in order to systematically approach a problem. Not only will NanoJapan provide an opportunity to develop these skills, it will also teach me how to conduct myself professionally in a laboratory environment.

I think science is an international endeavor, so it is very important to promote cross-cultural experiences. Not only does this collaboration lead to international friendships, it also allows several researchers to come together and share their individual perspectives of a given problem. Outside of the lab, I look forward to immersing myself in a culture that is completely different from my own. This experience will broaden my perspective, not only educationally, but culturally as well.

My goals for this summer include:

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