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Aleksandra Simicevic - NanoJapan 2010
Louisiana State University

Major/s: Civil Engineering & Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2012
NJ Research Lab: Tohoku University, Prof. Nojiri

Why NanoJapan?
As an internship program, NanoJapan is a perfect practical application of learning research techniques in a lab under the guidance of brilliant professors who are masters in their field of nanotechnology. The opportunity to learn from the best and to study in a culturally rich and beautiful country easily convinced me to apply. But not only will this opportunity enable me to work under such renowned researchers, I will also get to meet the brightest of my peers; who may become my future research collaborators.

Nanotechnology is the future, because it examines all aspects of science in the most fundamental level. By studying the most basic principles of nature, new discoveries of material properties and behaviors will greatly further the applications of innovative technologies and overall understanding of our universe. Participants in the NanoJapan program will benefit in being some of the first to learn these secrets.

Exploring Japan together will be one of the greatest experiences of our lives. We will be immersed in a totally new world with exotic foods, landscapes, architecture, and ground-breaking science. Afterwards, we will bring back knowledge from having shared in a new mindset to help further our aspirations in scientific discovery.

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