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Hsin-Zon Tsai - NanoJapan 2009
Texas A&M University

University of Tokyo
Advisor: Prof. Tarucha, Website

Research Project:
Electronic Transport Phenomena in Nanostructures for Quantum Information Processing
Research Abstract & Poster:
Major/s:Physics & Economics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2012

Why NanoJapan?
NanoJapan is a unique international internship project designed for freshmen and sophomores. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about nanotechnology development and current advanced research in Japan. The NanoJapan program also provides a perfect opportunity to experience the Japanese lifestyle and research environment. Unlike mere tourism, I will be able to experience Japanese life in depth and to work with Japanese people by participating in this program. The NanoJapan program gathers people together from many different cultures and backgrounds; I look forward to learning and exchang ing ideas with the people from different places. I believe that it will be very important to develop close relations with the people who conduct nanotechnology research in a different country in order to effectively participate in international nanotechnology research in the future. I look forward to learning Japanese culture and developing the ability to collaborate with international research groups through the NanoJapan Program.

Hsin-zon Tsai Receives Honorable Mention for Best Poster Presentation at 2009 RQI Summer Research Colloquium

Hsin-zon Tsai received an Honorable Mention for the Texas Instruments Best NanoJapan Poster Presentation award at the 2009 Rice Quantum Institute Summer Research Colloquium for his poster presentation on Electronic Transport Phenomena in Nanostructures for Quantum Information Processing. To view his abstract and poster click here.

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