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Precious Cantu - NanoJapan 2009
Louisiana State University
Tohoku University
Advisor: Yoshihiro Iwasa, Website
Research Project:
Search for Superconductivity with Nanodevices
Research Abstract & Poster:
Major/s: Electrical Engineering
Anticipated Graduation: December 2010

Why NanoJapan?
The NanoJapan program is a very unique program. It offers a curious student, like myself, the opportunity to conduct research in the nanotechnology field, in an international environment. Being that the United States and Japan are leaders in the field; the opportunity to work and interact closely with Japanese researchers in the lab is invaluable. I chose to apply to this program for both the academic and cultural aspects. I’ve had an interest in the Buddhist religion and Japanese culture and a desire to travel to Japan and see everything that the country has to offer, while meeting new people. From an academic point of view, the Japanese are globally well known for their strong innovations in research and development, an area in which I am attracted to. Participating in the the NanoJapan program, and thereby living and working in Japan, will allow me to gain a global perspective that will be an invaluable asset both now and in the future. I’m looking forward to living and working in Sendai this summer, and visiting one of many hot springs in Sendai.

Precious Cantu Receives Second Place Texas Instruments Prize at 2009 Rice Quantum Institute

Precious received the second place prize for her poster presentation on the Search for Superconductivity with Nanodevices. To view her abstract and poster click here.

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