People \\ 2006 Program Participant
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Ryan VanGundy - NanoJapan 2006
North Carolina State University

University of Tokyo - Inst. of Industrial Science (IIS)
Advisor: Kazuhiko Hirakawa
Project: Towards Single-Molecule Probing: Using Gold Electroplating to Close the Gap
on the Mystery of Molecules

Major/s: Chemical Engineering & Biomolecular Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2008

Current Position: Freelance Technical Consultant

I fondly remember my time in Japan and with everyone from Rice University.  My experience that summer has had a strong impact on me since.  For those involved, we carry with us great stories, an enlightened insight in to ours and others cultures, a confidence in our technical and social abilities in a global atmosphere, and perhaps the most useful--a strong bullet point on resumes.  In every interview I have had, my time in Japan has served as a reservoir for questions and discussion concerning my technical and professional ability.

On that last note, I found a job before graduating from North Caroline State University in May 2008. I am currently working at Bloomy Controls in Windsor, CT.  They are a small engineering consulting firm using National Instruments LabVIEW (out of Austin!) to implement systems in a wide range of industries including energy, nano/bio, semiconductor, and others.  I have the opportunity to see lots of different companies and industries every week, and to create and implement systems therein.  Certainly with the varied corporate cultures and highly technical atmosphere I am expected to work in, my summer with NanoJapan has made me much more capable.

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