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Aren Siekmeier - NanoJapan 2012
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Major/s: Physics and Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2015
NJ Research Lab: Prof. Yuichi Ochiai & Noboyuki Aoki, Chiba University
NJ Research Project: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Carbon Nanotube Networks

Why NanoJapan?
There are a lot of reasons why this program stood out to me.  Japan is a unique location for an international research experience.  It has much to offer culturally, being very different from anything that has remotely influenced the foundations of Western culture and language.  More importantly, Japan is one of the most scientifically active countries in the world.  In a world growing ever smaller, progress cannot be made without international collaboration.  There is a lot I can learn about doing research and working with people from different backgrounds, a practice fostered by the NanoJapan program.

Nanotechnology specifically allures me because of how it combines concepts from physics, chemistry, and engineering.  I am very interested in the underlying nature of the universe, but also in the applications that we can use to change lives.  Nanotechnology is at the cutting edge of material science, electrical engineering, biochemistry, and more, while also exhibiting several unique physical phenomena that make it so useful and interesting.  There is much to learn. 

My goals for this summer include:

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