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Elyse Landry - NanoJapan 2010
Rice University

Major/s: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Anticipated Graduation: May 2012
NJ Research Lab: Shinshu University, Prof. Endo

On a Rice Engineers Without Borders Trip to Honduras

Why NanoJapan?
NanoJapan is an awesome opportunity to learn both a new culture and research field. The program enticed me by its three week cultural orientation session in Tokyo because it is this aspect of the program that sets it apart from all others. The research field also engaged my interest because nanotechnology is something that I always hear so much about but I know very little about. It will be a great opportunity to work in a country that is a leader in nanotechnology and interact with some of the world’s experts.

Since I have never conducted research before, I will learn what working in a lab feels like and determine if research is something I will want to pursue in the future. In Japan, I look forward to traveling around every weekend from Mt. Fuji to temples and different cities to take full advantage of the surrounding culture. I have never been to Asia so being surrounded by something new every day will be unique learning experience. Collaboration is the key to new technologies and discoveries. The NanoJapan program exhibits to all students that this collaboration is imperative for success and creates formal cross cultural relationships that are sure to engage teamwork in the future.

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