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Nabeem Hasheem - NanoJapan 2010
Yale University

Major/s: Physics & Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2012
NJ Research Lab: Hokkaido University, Prof. Yamamoto

Why NanoJapan?
The NanoJapan program is remarkable in that it brings so many different things together in just twelve weeks. It is at once an immersion in Japanese culture, an opportunity to learn Japanese by actually using it on a daily basis, and a chance to work on a scientific research project with some of the great minds that are spearheading advances in nanotechnology. Moreover, NanoJapan brings together a diverse group of students with a wide range of interests who are linked by their passion for scientific research and their desire to experience Japan.

For the past few years, there has been little more that I’ve wanted to do more than go to Japan. As a student of Japanese for four years in high school, the lack of an immersive experience in Japan has been a gaping hole in my education. Unfortunately, I’ve always had difficulty finding ways to fill that hole, as most of my summers have been committed to gaining research and work experience. With NanoJapan, however, it seems for the first time that I’ll have an opportunity to reconcile these two separate agendas and find a truly fulfilling way to spend my summer.

NanoJapan has all the makings of an once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable experience. I’m looking forward to applying everything I’ve learned in physics to my project in Prof. Yamamoto’s lab at Hokkaido University while learning a ton about different research methods and techniques. I’m also excited to learn Japanese the right way- by constantly using it in everyday life, with my labmates or even just strangers on the street. Above all, though, I’m looking forward to completely immersing myself in Japan and taking in as much as I can while I’m there.

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