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Silvia Chan - NanoJapan 2010
University of Pennsylvania

Major/s: Materials Science & Engineering
Anticipated Graduation: May 2012
NJ Research Lab: Tohoku University, Prof. Otsuji

Why NanoJapan?
NanoJapan is the perfect summer program that uniquely combines both my love for Japanese culture and my interest in nanotechnology. It has been my long-awaited dream to delve into a research discipline in a highly advanced international setting. Whether it is through exploring the landscapes of Japan by train or the nanoscale realm under a scanning electron microscope, NanoJapan brings forth the best of both worlds into the hands of young, aspiring undergraduates. For all rising engineers and scientists, it is no surprise that this kind of research-focused study abroad experience is key to promoting and understanding cross-cultural perspectives. This will help us develop new ways of thinking that will bring about new technological ideas to meet today's needs and tomorrow's demands. This program is the platform that helps launch many academic careers in research.

As for me, I usually look forward to two main things when I travel: food and museums. I'd love to try authentic Japanese cuisine and visit iconic places such as the Miyazaki museum. When I get to my lab in Tohoku University, I also look forward to learning about THz electronics and uses of novel materials (e.g. graphene) for the development of nanodevices. Above all, I hope to meet new people, learn about a new culture, and just have fun.

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