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Jason Holden - NanoJapan 2006
Rice University

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Advisor: Hiroo Munekata
Project: Spin Injection into GaAs Quantum Wells with Light

Major/s: Electrical Engineering
Anticipated Graduation: May 2009

NanoJapan Overview
During the 2006 NanoJapan program, I did research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. I worked mainly with pump and probe spectroscopy to cause and analyze electron spin polarization in a few different semiconductors. I was also given the opportunity to work with molecular beam epitaxy. I lived in Tokyo at an international student dorm that was about a 45 minute train commute to the lab. The dorm was nice and the commute was surprisingly enjoyable.

Overall, I can honestly say that the NanoJapan program was an
amazing once in a lifetime experience. It has led me to seek more international opportunities, and to continue to participate in nanotechnology research. NanoJapan has also made me decide to definitely go to graduate school.

Before I left for Japan I wish I had...
Purchased some American gifts to give my research lab before I left.

My favorite experience in Japan was...
I had so many amazing experiences in Japan that it is hard to pick a favorite. If I had to pick, I would say that it would be climbing Mount Fuji and watching the sunrise on top of it. This was wonderful way to wrap up my summer experience.

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